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About Us

         The art depicted in the images on the next few pages is known as "Automotive Caricature Art", but in my technical style. I like to feature my clients stock, after market or custom engine, air cleaner, valve covers, peripherals, exhaust  components, and suspension. Choosing to exaggerate various components to different degrees brings the attitude of the car to life.
       Using the accurate suspension components and jointly glorifying their aesthetics along with the correct body configuration is what I consider a natural kind of automotive-art moral responsibility. 

       The art work does not end with the automotive world. I have examples of architectural, boating, locomotive and aircraft portraits and I can help your business create a new super cool shop logo design.
     The applications for my art is limitless; it's
great for t-shirts, other apparel, show-boards, hats, mugs & 3-D printing in crystal.

              I enjoy bringing my clients vision to life. 

Custom Orders Please call USA Area Code (203) 391. 4398
          Send photos and images to            
Daddypaddyart is not limited to Hod Rod Art !

  Thank you for visiting ,   Pat

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